Why chose us?

High Quality

We are strongly aware of wrong annotation can lead to big mistakes in real life. Therefore we always priority the quality first.

On-time Delivery

We can handle big amount of volume and we can quickly scale up our capacity to meet your demand. We proud to say our on-time delivery rate is 99%.

Cost Effective

With hundreds of skillful resources and advanced training and managing system, we are able to keep our cost low, hence able to offer attractive price to clients.

Image Annotation

Draw a box or polygon around objects in an image with high accuracy. We can annotate any kind of pictures whether they are in robotics, self-driving, fashion, health care, food industries.

3D Annotation

Draw a 3D box around objects with high precision from millions points in LiDAR 3D point cloud.

Sound Annotation

 We provide sound annotation services, such as the transcription and time-stamping of speech data, including the transcription of specific pronunciation and intonation, along with the identification of language, dialect, and speaker demographics. 

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