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Data Entry

Data is crucial for any business. Our customer trust us to handle their surveys, invoices, finance reports, CMS, eCommerce sites, etc.

Website Crawling

Need to obtain huge information from Internet?

No worry. It can be done easily with our advanced and automated system at a very low cost and in a very short time frame. 

Data Annotation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed rapidly over the last few years, especially in the car industry. It requires huge amount of data and information for machine to learn. These recent years, we processed millions of images for self-driving car projects from Japan and Korea. And this number keeps increasing.

Where Can We Fit In Your Business?

Back Office Operation

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Market research
  • Data entry
  • Contact center

Website & eCommerce

  • Migrate website
  • Manage website CMS
  • Manage eCommerce
  • Image editing
  • Copywriting
  • Contact center

Upcoming Projects

We can help with everything you need when you are shortage of resources. We guarantee the high quality and on-time delivery as how you do today and even better at a very optimal cost.

Who we are?

We continuously research and apply the latest technology to achieve the highest quality and efficiency.
Vietnam Smart BPO (VSBPO) is a brand under Free’t Planning Vietnam, a joint venture between Vietnam, Free’t Planning Japan and I-Corporation Japan. We’re proud to be a pioneer in our industry, and a leader in providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services  in Vietnam. Our partner, Free’t Planning Japan, has 20+ years experiences in IT & BPO industries. Today, the total employees is 200+ across 3 countries (Japan, Vietnam, China).
Vision: Become the leading BPO company in Vietnam.
Mission: Providing best-quality services at optimal cost to clients.
Brand: Vietnam Smart BPO (VSBPO) 
Slogan: Work hard and smart.
Established: January 2013
Chairman: Hayama Shinji 
Full-time staff: 70
Clients: World wide and majority in Japan.
Languages: Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Chinese 
   – Data entry 
   – Web crawling 
   – Data annotation

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